Shaping Medical Education: Our Story and Commitment

We stand as an independent publishing house specializing in medical periodicals. With an illustrious 20-year history in Slovakia and a strong 23-year tradition in the Czech Republic, we have emerged as frontrunners in postgraduate medical education for physicians.

Our Comprehensive Educational Portfolio:

  • Journals – Curating 11 peer-reviewed professional journals, we collaborate closely with eminent Slovak and Czech experts spanning diverse medical domains. These journals serve as conduit for the latest global medical insights.

  • Publications – Our portfolio encompasses acclaimed books endorsed by professional societies, textbooks, non-periodical publication, supplements, and informative brochures.

  • Events – We orchestrate congresses, conferences, and seminars centered around specialized medical topics.

  • E-Learning – Our commitment extends to electronic supplementary education, ranging from e-learning platforms to expanded electronic journal versions, autodidactic tests, and enlightening webinars.

Nurturing Connections:

Our dynamic database hosts over 25,000 healthcare practitioners. We actively collaborate with preeminent Slovak and Czech experts across myriad medical spheres. Collaborative partnerships flourish with specialist medical societies and patient organizations. A cornerstone lies in fostering the exchange of insights across the wide professional spectrum of both Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Our Vision:

Central to our philosophy is the belief that the ability of physicians and healthcare providers to holistically care for human well-being and life necessitates their personal equilibrium. Our enduring vision revolves around a world where physicians and healthcare professionals function within dignified conditions, enabling them to tend to their mental and physical wellness, elevate their practices, and continue their educational pursuits.

United in Purpose:

Do our visions align? Do our pathways converge? We eagerly embrace ideas and collaborations. Reach out to us at: