Via practica 3/2023

A patient with diabetes mellitus in the urology clinic

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the most common civilization diseases, the incidence of which is rapidly increasing not only in the Slovak Republic, but throughout the world. Patients with DM are not exceptional in the urology clinic, they are examined and treated for the manifestations of common urological diseases in the same way as patients without diabetes. The article deals with the most common complications that are specific to DM. These complications can last an unrecognizably long time, often oligosymptomatically, but are often life-threatening for patients. The proper treatment of these diseases does not consist only in the stabilization of the urological problem, but also in the setting and adjustment of DM therapy. It can be said that diabetes increases the risk and severity of urological problems, and on the contrary, urological problems (especially inflammation) can lead to DM decompensation.

Keywords: diabetes mellitus, urological complications, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis