Neurológia pre prax 6/2013

Assessment of cognitive function in early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

Cognitive assessment in the diagnostics of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) comprises one of the key diagnostic procedures. Along with the change in diagnostic criteria for AD, the accent has been shifted into still earlier diagnostics of cognitive impairment with a central focus on the mild cognitive impairment due to AD. Cognitive screening tests represent a useful estimate of general cognitive function; however, neuropsychological assessment is necessary for a complex analysis. The objective of neuropsychological assessment is detecting clinically significant decrease of cognitive function, as well as profiling cognitive function for the purpose of differential diagnosis. Authors summarize the form and alternatives of cognitive assessment in early stages of AD with a focus on stage of MCI, and recommend methods of assessment of cognitive function for clinical praxis.

Keywords: Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, neuropsychological assessment, diagnostic criteria.