Neurológia pre prax 5/2022

Cerebral venous thrombosis and the importance of farmacological history

Cerebral venous thrombosis is a rare form of stroke that most commonly affects women of childbearing potential. The presentation of the case report points to the possible non-specificity of clinical symptoms and the importance of obtaining propper pharmacological history. The patient was examined for non-specific neck pain and headache. Native CT scan of the brain showed no structural pathology, no severe elevation of inflammatory parameters was found and a lumbar puncture ruled out neuroinfection. The diagnosis of cerebral vein thrombosis was only revealed by MRI angiography. Originally the patient did not mention taking of any medication, however after MR examination in a targeted inquiry she supplemented her use of hormonal contraceptives.

Keywords: cerebral venous thrombosis, oral contraceptives, headache