Neurológia pre prax 1/2018

Multiple brain abscesses within meningoencephalitis of unknown etiology

Brain abscess is defined as purulent and inflammation region within brain parenchyma. We present a case report of a 44-years-old man who was urgently received at the Neurological Clinic of University Hospital Ostrava for acute headache. This headache began after coughing. CT scan including angiography excludes the diagnosis of subarachnoid hemorrhage. Episode of epileptic seizure appeared quickly after admission to the hospital. We made lumbar puncture, where was typical cytological picture of acute inflammation. We thinking about possible meningoencephalitis, so broad-spectrum antibiotics was used. Deterioration of the condition appeared in the further course of hospitalization, right lateral and expressive aphasia developed. Consequently, magnetic resonance was realised and brain abscess and subdural empyema parieto-occipital was demonstated.

Keywords: brain abscess, meningoencephalitis, epileptic seizures, headache