Dermatológia pre prax 3/2023

Treatment of chronic spontaneous urticaria, where we make a mistake

Chronic spontaneous urticaria is a disease that significantly reduces the quality of life and affects the patient’s psychosocial status. Due to the extensive diagnosis, which is not always justified, it represents a serious medical-economic problem. It is characterized by the formation of itchy, fleeting urticarial lesions (pomps) lasting more than 6 weeks. Urticaria seeds appear daily or almost every day in different parts of the body, they do not last more than 24 hours. They can be accompanied by angioedema, sometimes angioedema can be the only clinical manifestation of the mentioned nosological unit. Therapeutically, the so-called three-line treatment – non-sedating second-generation H1 antihistamines, their increase up to 4 times the daily dose and biological treatment omalizumab.

Keywords: chronic spontaneous urticaria, H1 antihistamines, omalizumab